Thursday, 28 January 2010

Julia makes a start

Hi everyone,
I've just joined up after seeing some of the beautiful work from here on other forums. I live in Northumberland on the North East coast with DH and 3 Golden retrievers which are my 'family' who I show at weekends too, so weekend time is limited!
Anyway its taken some deciding on what colour I was going to stitch this in, so here is my decission and first motif stitched up. I'm going to aim at 1 motif a week to make this feasable in my stitching programme, and as I (foolishly) decided on 40 ct Antique Edinburgh Linen, my eyes probably wont take much more!!

Looking forward to seeing others progress now...


  1. Oooh I like your colour choices! x

  2. I love the colours too! I wish I'd thought of this but it's too late now as I've nearly finished the border in the original colours.