Saturday, 11 July 2009

Late Start from me....

I was a late starter doing the Mary Wigham SAL because I had to wait to get to my LNS, and also because of the bandwidth problem to get the pattern, but I have made it here now.
My LNS is not particularly good for larger amounts of fabric, and so I was limited to doing it on the only colour (mushroom) 28ct evenweave they had. I have chosen to do the pattern in 4 DMC colours, Chocolate 779, Coffee 841, Muted pink 152, and Ecru.

I started at the top left motif and then saw that it was not positioned precisely in the corner, so had to frog the motif, and start all over. I was so eager to forge on with the first part of the SAL,
and the fact that I am used to starting in the centre I didn't at first really see that the first motif was not exactly in the corner. Silly me!
I have noticed that the top right motif on the pattern is not symmetrical, probably because there was some damage on the original sampler, so charting was made difficult. I have looked at other ladies pics on here to see what they have done about it, and some have tried to put the pattern right where the flower joins the outer edging, and some have done it exactly as the pattern shows to do it. Now I am in a quandary as to which way to stitch it. Nevertheless I love this pattern.


  1. There is a message re the way it is charted on the Needleprint blog. I love the colours you have chosen. They look so nice together.

  2. It's going to look really pretty in your colourway

  3. I made this motif, and others symmetrical. The rechart is over on my blog, along with some others that are not easily corected by eye. The address is

  4. Your colors are beautiful and work well together. The mushroom evenweave is pretty with them. Good choices!
    Enjoy -- Marcy

  5. Thank you ladies for all your nice comments.

    Thanks Jen for the link I will take a look.