Friday, 24 July 2009

Late Starter

Hello from Morecambe.

I only discovered that this SAL was going on 3 weeks ago and so I started well behind most people. I've never done a sampler like this before even though I've been stitching for 30 years and have done a lot of cross stitch.

After seeing some of the beautiful version of the Mary Wigham I was inspired to do my own version and so it's on 28 count linen and I'm using Danish Flower Thread which is a favourite of mine. The choice of colour was straight going to hang in my lounge so it's going to be mainly blues. I'm enjoying the challenge so far.

To do an Ackworth sampler is especially special as I was born and grew up close by in Wakefield, and had singing lessons from a man who was at the time head of music at Ackworth School.

Looking forward to seeing other peoples ideas



  1. What a lovely connection, Jane! Don't worry, I haven't worked on mine for several weeks, we are getting our house ready to sell, as we're moving to Michigan!

  2. Beautiful start Jayne. I feel like I am the furthest behind out of everyone!! x

  3. How lovely to have a connection to the school!
    Your colour choice looks very restful on the eye,
    great start :-)