Monday, 13 July 2009

Mary in Llangollen ....

... Where Wales welcomes the world!

This weekend, as most weekends, Mary went to Llangollen in North Wales. However this weekend was different as it was the Llangollen International Musical Eisteddfod.

In the spirit of this truly international SAL I decided to take a picture of Mary sitting on a bench on Platform 2 of Llangollen Station. In the background is the bridge which has been given the title 'one of the wonders of the Welsh world' with flags from other nations flying from it.

This is what she looks like after her international weekend.

Mary Wigham
Not as much progress as I would have liked but I have now removed and re stitched the medallion done in 'Blue Lagoon' which I think is a big improvement.


  1. I very nearly went to the Nimble Thimble on Saturday and Llangollen on the way home!

  2. Looks great too. Better without the lagoon I think. x

  3. I agree -- your Mary looks better without the blue lagoon. I really like the one blue on your fabric. May I ask what kind of roller bars you have? I've never seen the little attachment thingees you are using. -- Marcy

  4. Hi Marcy the clips say on them ELBESEE EASYCLIP they fit into a groove on the roller bars. I have borrowed them from my Mum as all the frames I have are too small for Mary.

  5. Thanks Jen. It looks like an interesting system. I have a clip on roll bar frame but the clip has lips that stick out and they put stress on the fabric. I'm not sure I like that. Do you like the Elbesee Easyclip?

  6. According to my Mum, who has used them more than me, they leave in impression of the lettering on the clip on your work, hence, you have to cover them in bubble wrap as you roll.

  7. Tell your mum "thanks" from me. I will try bubblewrap with my clips.