Tuesday, 2 June 2009

About Me

Hello and Thank You Hazel for the invite.

I'm Lindsay and I've been stitching for 18 years now, I started with the second issue of Needlecraft (anyone remember that magazine?) which I'd bought because it had Patchwork in it and decided to try the little cover kit on it. 18 years later I still haven't finished the quilt I was working on and never will because it was for my DH and we seperated 3 years ago lol.

I'm a big TW fan and will always love Dragons and Carousels but my taste changes every couple of years. Right now I'm very much into Quaker samplers so this ideal for me although with 46 WIPS right now and a desire to cut that number I really should resist and work on what I already have but I'm weak :)

And now for the general info about me......
I'm 37 and have 2 Daughters, 1 Grandson, a Cat and a Water Dragon (type of lizard). I look after my Mum who's disabled but right now my Dad is doing it as he got made redundant at the end of last week :( so I get a week off before he goes in to have his knee worked on.

As for Mary I'll be using the listed DMC but I've no idea about fabric yet, I'm going to go and play in my stash as soon as I get off here to see what I've got that's big enough otherwise I feel a trip to Willow Fabrics coming on :)

Oh and if you want to know anything else about me ask, I don't bite

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