Monday, 15 June 2009

I'm not so sure about this!

In my last progress post I mentioned that I was stitching Mary in Caron Wildflowers, Blueberry. Thinking that this might be too dark I ordered two other colours in the same range. They were Azure Skies and Blue Lagoon. I have stitched most of the top left motif in Blue Lagoon. Now, I like the colour, but the colour changes are not very subtle and I do not know if it 'looks right'. So, I'm not going to finish this motif just yet but stitch the next one in the Blueberry and see how I feel.

I have enjoyed stitching this despite my reservations about the colour. Here it is so far.

Mary Wigham


  1. I think the variation is nice and you have to remember to look at the bigger picture as well. x

  2. I really love the Blueberry!! I think it would be gorgeous in that! I am doing mine in (mostly) the called for DMC

    *waves hi from Canada*