Wednesday, 10 June 2009

An interesting observation

Whilst in blogland this morning I came upon this post by stitch-creations. It was through her blog that I found out about this SAL. It is about errors in the chart. On closer inspection I found one on the top left motif but have not investigated further. My initial thoughts are that I will do what she is doing and make the motifs symetrical as I am not making a replica of the original sampler as I am using different colours. What do other people think?


  1. Jacqueline does make a comment about the errors somewhere on her blog. Basically, there are errors on the original which is why the chart took so long to reproduce and she does warn us of the errors and to look out for them. They are meant to be there. It is an exact replica of the original. We don't know how they came to be there - that is all part of the mystery. I will try my best to keep the "errors" in lol. Haha.

  2. Although it is entirely up to you - do whatever suits you. x